Djari Painting
Community Initiatives

2.5% of our profit goes towards donations to charities.

Djari Painting
Community Initiatives

At Djari Painting we are more than accustomed to the demands of the rural environment. Not only that, we understand and acknowledge the strengths of the local community.

That’s why with every project we complete we partner with the local communities to ensure seamless integration, cooperation and collaboration from initial stage through to project completion.

We recognise the importance of community involvement. We also recognise the impact of social integration and cultural differences. With each project, local communities are involved and engaged.

Here are just some of our community initiatives

  • Employment Opportunities – We offer full training and ongoing development opportunities to all staff. We have a specific focus on recruiting local indigenous community members into our workforce.
  • Community Support – We support local projects, volunteering our skills and experience where needed
  • Community Engagement – Ongoing communication and liaising with indigenous communities to ensure a seamless integration during our projects
  • Community Funding – 2.5% of our profits gets donated to local charities. We want to make sure we give back to the community, so we contribute financially as standard business practice


  • Employment
  • Training
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Contribution